Made in the Shade – Best Sunglasses For Your Face

During the Summer months Sunglasses are often a necessity and if you live on the West coast or in a beach area it’s a part of your everyday wardrobe and its commonplace to have more than one pair to accessorize different looks.

Much like choosing the right hairstyle, selecting sunglasses to fit your facial shape can be the difference between night and day. When done right it can seem like you got a complete makeover, but sometimes you can get it wrong and actually take away from a well constructed ensemble, so perhaps this guide can help you choose the best frames to fit your facial style and bring out the best in you. Now there are some different guidelines for men and women so here are some of the basics to consider prior to your next purchase to make sure you not only get the most for your money but get the best look for you.

To assure the proper fit of Ladies sunglasses there are no rules written in stone but there are a few things that are generally a good idea to look for:

1. Glasses should not dip down to low on the face and should not touch your cheek bones they will make your eyes appear to look protruding. 
2. You should still be able to see your eyebrows when a pair fits properly on your face.
3. Your face should look symmetrical when you have the right pair on  (balance between eyes, lips, and cheeks all sharing the same amount of visibility. One feature not more dominating than the other. 
4. Glasses should fit comfortably on the bridge of your nose but not too snugly. If you have big indents on your skin from the nose pieces after wearing a pair for a few hours that may be an indication that they are  too snug or too heavy for your face.
5. Glasses should wrap around your ears comfortably but not too loose. you should be able to put your head down and back up without your glasses sliding off of your face.



Karen Walker $259

Round Face –


Coach $148

If your face is round then go with an oversized rectangular frame, as this will always make a stylish statement on women with round faces. There are several celebs who turn to this silhouette time and time again. Some great examples of round frames done right are Karen Walker Round and Coach.






Heart-Shaped Face- Oval Face

Angelina Jolie has made this facial shape fames and proves why aviators are a chic choice for those with heart-shaped faces. I know the aviators were big in the past but these are not your Mom’s Aviators from the days of Top Gun and Bull Durham. Some of the best we’ve seen are from Tory Burch and Topshop.


Topshop’s Aviator proves you can get it right for less with a price of $20


Tory Burch’s Aviator $165










Oval Face –


Brown Bardot Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses from Tom Ford, $356.12;


Valentino Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $339


Linda Farrow Luxe Scallop & Salmon Snke Curved Square Sunglasses, $365.76

Those that have a little longer silhouette are tailor made for Cat’s Eye frames, and the latest cat-eye designs are a decidedly modern accessory for those with oval faces, like Olivia Palermo. We recommend Tom Ford Cat’s Eye, and similar frames in the feline family from Linda Farrow, Luxe, and Valentino.











Angular Face

For those with distinctive jaw lines, giving you an angular shape so to add some contrast we recommend the Retro circular frames, rocked well by some celebs like Beyoncé, complement angular features in an ultra-stylish way. Some of the best we’ve seen are from MiuMiu and Illesteva.


ieava Miu Miu Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, $370 and Illesteva Leonard 2 (our personal favorite) Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses, $260







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