Working Out At Home vs. Going to the Gym

Let’s face it times have changed, and for most of us the days when we could plan out our entire day and schedule in an hour or more for a solid workout have become all but extinct. Nowadays most of us have a dearth of free time, and when we can manage to get the sweats on, you had better make the most of it and get the most bang for the buck. So that raises the question, will you get more done with a small home gym or going to the local muscle factory and getting on the elliptical machine? Let’s take a look at some things you can do at home then take a look at the quality you can get at your local meat market. workouthome1

Firstly as by the time you to park, change, get your stuff locked up, and find the machine/free weight/nautilus that you want, if it’s not occupied, you may have already been done with your third set at home.  So if you have the space to set aside here is a quick workout that will yield you big results in a finite amount of time.

As women, we tend to put a greater emphasis on the toning the muscles we can see in the mirror, like our legs and butt. But a strong back is fundamental to all upper body strength, and helps offset the impact a large chest can have on body posture, you want the perfect combination of size of posture. Pulling exercises like rows and pull-ups use your body weight against you, and allow you to control the degree of difficulty by manipulating leverage but great for toning. They also happen to be two of the most primal, most functional exercises you can do, creating a larger anabolic response than isolation exercises, leading to greater gains in size and strength.

One easy exercise to set up that won’t take a lot of space are inverted rows. Simply use any thick cable or cloth, like a long thin towel, that is capable of sustaining your weight, and useworkouthome3 your bench press bar if you have one, or even a strong door handle, and pull your weight up in an inverted pull-up motion. This will sculpt you faster than the conventional bench press, or push up as you’re working the wings of your back as well. This is always a good productive exercise that will yield results you will notice immediately over the next couple of days, and can become part of your weight loss program. Next up, time to do some cardio!

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