Quick n’ Easy Meals – Vegetable Manicotti

Welcome to September, for many of us that means the kids are back in school, a lot of our time is spent running around town all day and then wondering what happened to the day at night. It’s also means the clock is ticking to get things done in a timely manner and try to stick to a schedule as anyone who does have kids knows there can be stiff consequences to pay if you have to get a child up, fed, dressed, and off to school on time when they’re coming off a lack of sleep the night before. Not to mention probably getting and abundance of attitude to go along with it. So the take-a-way is weather it’s “Supper Dad” night or “Momma’s Kitchen” dinner needs to be on time or it seems you never catch up. That said we’re going to start a series of quick meals that can help you put something healthy on the table and still mind your busy schedule. The first of this series is a very quick and tasty vegetable manicotti.

Vensuian Vegetable Manicotti (20 minutes) 







16 oz manicotti

1 small bushel fresh spinach

2 cups fresh Arugula

12 oz fresh mushrooms

1 large Red Pepper

2 ears fresh corn

16 oz Marinara Sauce

8 oz mozzarella cheese

4 oz grated parmesan cheese

salt and pepper to taste

parsley for garnish


Prep: Slice the mushrooms and red pepper set mix and set aside. Also dice the arugula and place in a small bowl. Grate cheese and set aside on separate bowl. Place a large bowl filled with 50-50 ice to water aside. In two separate large pots heat a generous portion of water until boiling. In one pot boil corn for 10 minutes and in the other add manicotti for 8 minutes or slightly less if you prefer your pasta a little more firm. Remove manicotti from water promptly after time expires and place in ice water to harden and cool. While the pasta cools steam spinach for 5 minutes in a strainer above boiling water. Remove for cooling. Add mushrooms, bell pepper, Spinach, and Corn into Arugula bowl.

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees, place 1 tablespoon cooking oil in small baking pan or lightly butter bottom.

Stuff Manicotti shells with Spinach/Arugula mix and place in pan. Spread marinara sauce lightly on top and place in oven for 5 minutes to heat. Sprinkle top with Cheeses and cook for another five minutes and serve with parsley garnish.

This dish taste like it took a couple of hours of prep and could stand alone as a meal or be a great complement to steak or chicken for you family that are carnivores or have large appetites.


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