Online Dating – A bad Pic is worth 1000 words

Whether you’re one of those who is finally ready to take the leap and jump on an internet dating site, or perhaps you have been on one and you’re not entirely pleased with the results. In either case part of the reason may not be the substance but the presentation. So we’ve got a few no-no’s when it comes to your profile that might help you achieve your desired results in a more timely manner.

Always keep in mind that your profile is a synopsis of who you are which usually doesn’t do most people justice. It is also a characteristic that it’s human nature to lead with our best foot forward. With that rule in mind make it work to your advantage and set yourself apart in your profile the same way you would on a job interview. Conversely, think about what you find attractive and don’t do anything that would turn off others in the same manner would be. Here are some of the basics to avoid when setting up your profile with the world to see.

1.The cleavage profile shot

Sexy or slutty? Showing a little skin will certainly attract more views to your profile, but remember if it’s on your profile you might as well take out a billboard on Park Ave. so chose your attire well and make sure your ensemble fits. One woman actually showed her nipples in her profile and was surprised when it ended up on a low-grade nude selfie website. A man will always undress you with his eyes, but leave something for him to think about. This isn’t about being a Playboy model, you should come across as someone he can take home to the family, and if he gets a little touchy feely in the power room before the entrees that’s at your discretion.


2. The hiding behind my best friend profile shotgirlwdog

Yes it’s true that some guys are dogs, and some even prefer to sleep with their four-pawed best friends in bed. I’ve even seen some profile pics with people in costume or where the animal is more prominent than the user. Another one used a puppy dog for an online dating profile photo. And what did Rhianna use? A loris. Don’t hide behind furry paws, let your smile and charm do the talking. A (good) picture is worth a thousand words.

3. The hung over profile shot

hungoverReally? Would your new dream guy be attracted to someone who’s passed out on the floor after having too many shots? Sure it’s fun to party, and he should know you could be the life of the party or at least certainly be fun to be with, but there is a huge difference between someone who put her hair in a tail and hold her own conversation wise in a sports bar and a girl that looks someone he saw once passed out the next morning on his fraternity living room floor. Stay classy Orange County.


4. The dreaded bikini profile shot

What you’re trying to do is look capricious as if the entire scene wasn’t contrived, but what will come through is that you’re desperate and will give away the store if you have to in order to get a date. You might be the girl next door, looking for a boyfriend, husband, or eventually a potential father, so why are you modeling in your bathing suit? Remember a bathing suit shot is no different than posing in lingerie, so don’t be surprised when the guys only want to hook up.

5. A shirtless or peepshow mirror selfie profile

Ladies, you get what you pay for. If you’re after anything that will last longer than the hangover then don’t go fishing with shark bait. Remember you lead with your best foot forward and if you want them to believe this is your best ass(et) then that’s what they’ll be looking to obtain, most of all you’ll get responses from guys thinking that’s what you want as well. Lastly, as yourself what your perception would be of a profile of guy taking a selfie of himself at a gym with his shirt off and ask if that would be a pic you want floating around a dinner party with your friends.

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