UCONN Women Can’t Win – Women’s NCAA Tournament

How’s that for an oxymoron? The most successful reign in college basketball  (men’s or women’s) the UCONN Women’s Basketball program has embarked on yet another journey to the Women’s Final Four with hopes to win another NCAA title. Surprisingly it seems that everyone is rooting against them. Not just the fans from other schools whom are playing at the same venue as the Huskies either prior to or after their game, but the sports writers and pundits that feel the UCONN dominance is bad for the game.

I understand you want to shake things up every once in a while and what makes the tournament so great is that every school in the country has an opportunity to win and you want those fan bases to honestly believe they can or you won’t get the fanfare you need, but what bothers me is the hypocrisy. The Yankees in 50’s, the Celtics in the 60’s, UCLA Men’s Basketball, The Showtime Lakers/Shaq & Kobe dynasty, and most recently the New England Patriots. No one seemed to think they were “bad” for their respective sports. Moreover, they were respected for their dominance and even monikers developed for their excellence, ie; “The Patriot Way”.

I know there will always be haters, but what if this run was done by Alabama in football? Nick Saban would be offered a cabinet position and his face on Mount Rushmore, but UCONN head coach Gino can’t seem to any respect because he’s just “coaching girls”. His and the University of Connecticut commitment to excellence and consistency should be revered and set as the standard for all sports men’s and women’s rather than dismissed as a novelty. We wonder as they reach their 8 consecutive Final Four if another win will finally break them through the glass ceiling.

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