Mascara Tips – The Basics Make A Difference

eylash2Mascara is the one beauty product that can actually transform your face. A few swipes of the stuff and it makes your eyes pop. The key is in finding the perfect mascara for you and applying it correctly, so pick the best mascara for you and your face shape (make sure to read the upcoming article on Aug 8 regarding face shape and hair). When picking a mascara, you should consider the formula you want (lengthening, thickening, waterproof or non-clumping). You should also consider price when making your choice as you can often find a good basic mascara at a regular drugstore lik Rite Aid or Wall Mart or you can spend more money on a luxurious mascara at a more prestigious establishment like Mac or Bloomingdale’s, but keep in mind these will also be much more expensive. Most drugstores and department stores have excellent return policies so if you try a mascara and hate it you can return it so experiment with different types and find out which one is best for you. Never try mascara on at a department store, there’s too much risk for infection. Instead, check out the store’s return policy and take a few home to try, also don’t get suckered into a full-makeover at the cosmetics counter. These are often set up to push the cosmetic de jour and may not have your best interest in mind.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Mascaras – eylash3

A trick makeup artists use to make lashes pop is apply one coat of lengthening mascara, followed by one coat of thickening mascara. Remove excess product with a clean mascara wand (you can buy clean ones at a drug store or most beauty stores like Sephora or Ulta). Once you have that mascara learn how to work the wand like a pro from your very first try. Although most of us have applied mascara at one time or another and most on a regular basis, let’s go back to school and start with the basics of how to apply it properly to see if there were a few steps some were failing to do or teach some new ones.



 Applying Mascara:


 Clamp an eyelash curler at the root of your upper lashes and hold for five seconds. Repeat on the middle of lashes and again near the tips.


 To go to great lengths, place curler along the upper lash line. In a slow, even motion, go from roots to tips.


 For thickness, hold mascara brush as close as possible to base of lashes, and wiggle it as you move it up through lashes. (This motion helps get every lash.) Let mascara dry for 10 seconds, then replace brush at lash base, and wiggle again as you move up the lashes.

Hopefully this has either refreshed your memory or taught you something that may help you down the line. In the meantime stay tuned for more as we go into face shapes and the trending hair styles to go with each next week. Stay Beautiful!









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