Nails your newest accessory…next to your smart phone

Recent trends don’t lie nail art is here to stay. And why not? What is left after makeup, clothes, and smart phone cases your nails are the last unconquered territory. Just like clothes, beauty techniques, and technology nail trends change fast. Also like the afore mentioned staples, having an outdated or antiquated look may distract from an otherwise well constructed ensemble. Of course we’re not saying if you walk out of the house with the French nails of the 90’s with the classy white tips you’ll be docked points and drop from a 9 to a 7.5, but you could be the object of conversation at the next book club and not in a good way. As always, our mission is to lay out the knowledge for you and let you choose the best look to suit your style and personality. We’re about completing a look to complement an attitude, not a façade. So for those who want to know the current hym at the church of what’s happening now, here are the hot trends for the next season, but stay on top as they are subject to change.

  • Hot Metallics – Black, silver, and the bronze tones may be cold and dark but they are still a hot look going into Spring as a hot contrast to the traditional florals and light colors.
  • metalic nails for slider      metalic nails2



  • Cool Blues – What can you say about anything about a color that has jeans, the ocean, and the sky in its family. Always cool but now particularly in style.
  • cool blue nail 1    cool blue nail 2




  • Skin Tones – Now this is keeping it clean and simple, but  you can’t go wrong with these looks weather its a power lunch, an elegant dinner, or happy hour cocktails with girls. Always appropriate yet understated.

skin tone nails      skin tone nails2



  • White Details – A white background is like a clean sheet of paper or a blank canvas. You can really get creative and chose the style to fit the event or evening.

white detial nails3      white detail nails2   white detail nails




  • Patterned French Tips – Ok, if you’re gonna rock the French Tips then get out of the box and take advantage of all the things you can do.

pattend nails3 pattend nails2 pattned nails1


  • Oval Nails – These give you a little more room to work with but be careful not to come to too much of a point at the end. Remember True Blood isn’t on the air anymore, and you might look like someone who just couldn’t let it go.

oval nails3   oval nails2    oval nails1



  • 3D charms – Ok, if you really want to stop the show or make a statement then these are for you. Just keep in mind that now you’re getting into an area where the cost can really sky rocket so make sure it’s a look that will give you enough bang for your buck.








3d nails3 3dnails2 3d nails1

Now if you really need some fresh ideas or are looking for some instruction on how to create some of the latest styles then checkout the instagram of “banicured”. She has a following larger than the state Rhode Island and justifiably so, as these are among some of the best designs and techniques you’ll ever see and may just give you enough knowledge (and courage) to try and put together some of these looks by yourself.





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