The EMMYS – Marking the end of Network TV?

The 70th Primetime Emmy awards were in typical form with all of the glitz, glamour, and pageantry, but also had a few surprises including a proposal (accepted). Also expected was “Game of Thrones” formidable presence. Also what could have been predicted but not may wanted to admit was the non-existence of most of the networks leaving many to ask if this marks the end of network television.

The trend of new content providers that are producing their own original program has not only taken a bit out of the networks audience but the lion’s share, has come to fruition with only NBC climbing into the top eight, with even VH1 having more than both CBS and ABC combined. To put things in perspective here are the top award winners by network.

HBO – 23

Netflix – 23

NBC – 16

FX Networks – 12

CNN – 8

Amazon Prime Video – 8

National Geographic  – 5

VHI – 5

It’s hard to believe that NETFLIX stock was, not so long ago, well around $70 a share, when they announced that they were both raising the monthly fee to $10 and also getting into original programming. The stock got hammered and the street was questioning if Reed Hastings was the right man to lead them beyond 2010. Less than 8 years later the stock has increased 500% and their Emmy takedown has increased even more than that.

Of course, who is taking home the hardware is the overall reason why we’re here but almost as important for the complementary industry of fashion is the show on the red carpet. This is where a lot of risk are taken and sometimes it can be ground-breaking and sometimes they just crash and burn. We look at some of those hits and misses from Monday night.

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